7 Non-Traditional New Baby Gifts


This post has been sponsored by State Farm®. All opinions are my own.

In addition to our own baby on the way, it seems like I’m surrounded by pregnant women. Our fashion editor Ashley, our nanny Judith, my sister in law Jordan, and a couple close cousins. For most of these expecting mothers it’s not their first baby so I’ve been thinking a lot about non-traditional baby gifts. What do you give to someone who already has most of what they need? Then, on the receiving side it’s hard as well. You’re fielding questions from close friends and family about what they can give you and drawing a blank (because you really don’t think you need too much). So here are some ideas we’ve collected on what to give, or what to suggest when people want to give something to you…


Contributing to a College Savings Plan. What sparked this conversation with our team was a meeting I had last week with State Farm agent Joseph Freund about their college savings options. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m working with them on a few posts and have been really excited to learn more about my options for college funds. Throughout the meeting I kept on thinking what a great solution it would be for a baby gift. Sure, it’s not polka dot and packaged in a bow, but a very thoughtful and practical gift for a brand new life. Plus, the sooner you start, the more the savings will grow so gifting a newborn is really the best time to start. It was really helpful to meet with an agent as he explained the different opportunities, provided me with insight on how they work, and which would be best suited for my family and the goals we are setting for children’s future.


And here are some other ideas for non-traditional baby gifts:

Diapers. Again, not the cutest of gifts but no matter what number baby it is, they’ll still need a lot of diapers (if they aren’t using cloth ones). Giving a couple boxes of diapers. It might even be extra thoughtful to find out what brand they prefer.

Food delivery service. I love this idea. There are so many great ones out there like MuncherySprig, Tablerunner, etc. Every new parent, whether it’s their first or sixth baby, needs helps getting food on the table during those first few weeks so a subscription to one of these services would make a great gift.


Newborn outfit. Some of those hand-me-downs can get kind of ragged over the years so every new mom loves a new, sparkling newborn outfit. And it’s fun to shop for as well!

Something for mom. Gift certificate to a spa for a massage or mani/pedi, a new perfume or lotion, gift certificate to shop for post-baby clothing. During those first few weeks a little pampering is much needed and appreciated.

A magazine subscription or a stack of favorite page turning fiction books. There’s a lot of time you’ll spend sitting nursing a new baby so having something fun to read can be really nice (and sure beats all those parenting books).

Fresh flower delivery. Our favorite is Farm Girl Flowers in the bay area and you can sign up for a subscription. Nothing cheers you up more than a beautiful bouquet (even when your sweater is covered in baby spit up).


Any other ideas on non-traditional baby gifts you’d recommend?

Thanks to State Farm for sponsoring this post. For more information on the best financial services for your family, please visit or call a State Farm agent.

Images from our newborn shoot with photographer Rachel Thurston when Edie was a week old. Recent images of Edie and I by Ashley Aikele. 


I agree with the “something for mom”! A gift card for a massage or a mani/pedi is such a wonderful gift for a new mom and allows for a bit of self-care that she might not spend the time or money on otherwise.

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