The First Year with Edie Jean

When I was decluttering our closets a few weeks back, I organized all of Edie’s baby clothes in preparation for this new little girl coming our way in April. It made me so nostalgic for those magical newborn months but also gave me a wave of panic: it’s so freaking hard!


Today I’m partnering with Plum Organics and its Grow Well line of pouches to talk a bit about that first year with a baby: the highs, the lows, and of course, plenty of pictures from Edie’s first year. . .


This was the first picture that was taken of Edie and I at the hospital. She was born on a Saturday morning the day after her due date. I still look very pregnant, and my face still is spotty (weird pregnancy thing that happens with my skin!), but we were in pure heaven meeting our little girl we had waited so long for. She came quickly and latched right on, although nursing still hurt for a couple weeks. The nurses said her latch wasn’t great, but I think it just takes a while for those bionic nipples to emerge!


My photographer friend Rachel Thurston was in town, and the only time we had to shoot was one week after Edie was born. Having a vaginal birth this time, the recovery was so much better. With Henry’s c-section, I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed for weeks. Let alone get dressed and dolled up for some photos. It could have been that, or it could have been just the ease of a second baby.


It also could have been that from day one, Edie started sleeping four to five hours at night. Either way, it’s been a world of difference. I talk a lot more about surviving the first three months right here if you’d like to read more.


This little one has always had such a sweet temperament, and has always loved her older brother. She definitely has opinions though and makes herself KNOWN if something is not quite right. This trait it getting even more apparent as she’s now entering her terrible 2s!


Around 6 months of age, all sorts of exciting things starting happening. First, Edie started trying solids. At first, she had zero interest, but eventually, at about 8 months, she really caught on.

From the beginning of her eating, we’ve always relied on Plum Organics. It was the first food she ate, and even though she’s gone through fickle food periods, she still loves those amazing pouches. I love that they’re full of organic nutrients and veggies and are easy for babies and toddlers to eat. A great snack to grab on the go as well. Their new products, Grow Well pouches, includes four new pouches: DHA, Tummy, Muscle and Bone (her favorite one: mango flavored!). All pouches are made of organic ingredients that serve the functional needs for a baby.

The Plum Organics Super Puffs are still some of her favorite snacks now, especially the strawberry flavored ones. She loves to open the container herself and empty/fill it on her own.


When she was around 6 months, I started taking Fridays off and have never regretted it. I feel lucky to have a job where I can adjust my work schedule to my family’s needs, and those Friday mornings have become such precious Edie-and-mom time.


We also moved Edie to Henry’s room and gave her a crib around 6 months. Before that, she was co-sleeping with us in bed. Co-sleeping was such a sweet time, but I’m so happy to have her sleep through the night with a little sleep training.



Around 6 to 8 months, we started taking a lot of fun trips like family camping! Camping was a little tricky with a baby that couldn’t walk and would only sit in comfy tents (not that I blame her), but those Plum Organics pouches came in handy. I think this shot of us eating, above, was one of the first times Edie would eat solids! I was so happy to have her off just breast milk.


Edie started standing around 10 months, and just in time for Halloween when she dressed up as Henry’s Batman sidekick, Robin. I remember being nervous about him holding her hand in this photo, knowing she could topple over at any time. Those months of standing/crawling/walking anytime soon are so exciting.


Edie turned 1 and we had a fun family party with cousins. I used some of the elements like this pin-up poster for her second birthday as well. We loved it! For her first birthday, our family has a tradition of letting babies have their way with cakes. We set her cake down on the ground and got the cameras ready. She wasn’t too interested but ended up licking off a good amount of the icing. She also took her first official steps the day after her birthday! A few weeks later walking was still a little shaky. I still remember this cute video of her taking some little steps next to the Christmas tree.


So fun to reminisce about that first crazy year. It gets me excited to have another little girl arriving soon!

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This post was sponsored by Plum Organics through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about their Grow Well™ products, all opinions are my own.

All photos by myself or my team with the 1 week-old newborn photos by Rachel Thurston


I’m 1 week in with our new baby boy…my twins are 6 so I’d forgotten how hard the newborn stage is. But, he’s so sweet and cuddly it’s worth it. Breastfeeding is so tough though, I hope I can make it through these first few weeks! Wish you the best with your new little one!

So precious, love seeing all the photos of Edie’s first year

ah, so very precious! i’m currently nursing my eight-week-old and feeling all the feels! 😉
do you mind sharing where that gorgeous cream rug is from in the nursery/kids’ room? it looks so cozy.

Such a cute ode to her first year! I would love to hear more about your V-BAC as I’m scared yet hope for it.

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