Weekend Roundup

valentines day treat bags

Hi! Writing from Alt Summit right now! Always such an inspiring and productive conference.  This is the last year it’ll be here in Salt Lake so it’s a little bittersweet! I’m at the Ask a Blogger hallway desk this morning so if you’re here, stop by and say hi (treats welcome as well!). Hope you’re having a great weekend, here are some links to explore:

Doesn’t get simpler than these Valentine’s Day treat bags (image above)

Word on the street is this is the best winter lipstick, in the always red shade

DIY kits that are doing some serious good

27 picture books every kid should read before they grow up (there are a few I need to read!)

Pretty and printable Valentine’s day wrapping paper to download

I need to try making some Japanese milk bread (this whole blog is mouth watering)

I’m obsessed with veggie bowls lately.  This one looks amazing.

Shopping for a wedding dress? This etsy shop makes beautiful ones

The cutest little DIY cupid heart balloons!

Must try this pistachio + pomegranete cake!

10 design trends projected for 2016 (great read!)

Woah. This two toned painting job is cool. Would be fun to try!

A really good post about how bloggers like myself make an income


Dear Liz,

thanks for those great ideas, it’s always a joy to discover new talented blogs through yours.

Two tone paint is very inspiring, it’s such an easy way way to create a graphic decor, pistachio and pomegranate is so yummy and looks easy to make and Handmade Charlotte is incredibly gifted isn’t it ? Her blog, as yours, is one of my favorite.

Hope you’re enjoying Alt Summit, I wish we had something similar here, in France.


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