Dollar Store Valentines: Printable Fruity Valentines

fruit valentines

We’re starting a fun series today called Dollar Store Valentines. I love dollar stores and when you’re putting together valentines you can do something fun and creative on a small budget. Today we’re starting with a bag of toy fruit! I like the idea of putting all of these together in a bowl of fruit on the counter or handing them out individually for a classroom. My sister Rebecca illustrated some printables for this series to make it even easier for you to pull them all together.

We’ll have more fruity ideas coming up Monday too, so stay tuned!

lemon valentines

pear valentines

Of course you could use real fruit as well. Keep reading to see more photos and get the printable….

grape valentines

fruit printable valentines

1. We picked up two bags of toy fruit at our local dollar store, each was $1

fruit printable valentines

2. Download these fruit phrases here and print onto cardstock

fruit printable valentines

3. Make a hole on one end with a hole puncher and string ribbon through

fruit valentines

4. To attach, simply tie around your fake fruit

Stay tuned for more fruity Valentines on Monday as part of our Dollar Store Valentines series. Hand drawn lettering printable by Rebecca Ricks.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who looooves the dollar store. 🙂 I think it’s a really fun Valentine, and since my son (and most of his little friends) have play kitchens, this makes for a great little gift that they’ll get lots of playing out of.

It shocks me that you could pull this off in a liberal city like SF. I would think even the youngest kids would be appalled at the use of landfill plastic for such a silly endeavor. What happened to good old-fashioned make your own valentines…made by the KIDS not the pinterest-driven parents. Paper, paints, crayons…at least the kids put in some time and creativity and the paper is ultimately recyclable.

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