What’s Your Family’s Bedtime Routine?

sleep number bedding

Do you and your family have a bedtime routine? Here’s what our typical evening looks like, and some thoughts from my team members on how bedtimes happen in their homes as well for both their kids and themselves…


This post is sponsored by Sleep Number® and their new line of  of SleepIQ Kids products featuring the Smart Button bedding that keeps sheets and blankets in place throughout the night. 

sleep number bedding

Typically after dinner the level of craziness increases exponentially. I don’t know if it’s because their bellies are full and happy, but Edie particularly likes to put on a post-dinner show that involves either jumping on beds, dancing around the kitchen, playing rough house with Henry, or lately it’s been dragging her potty into the kitchen to show us how she sits on it to our encouraging applause (although nothing ever happens).

sleep number bedding

Henry is always such a great sport with Edie. They’ve started to play together more and more and it makes me so happy! Even though they’re 6 years apart, they are a really cute pair of siblings.


Sleep Number sent us some of their Sleep Number® Kids bedding for this post to try out. I knew they sold the brilliant Sleep Number bed with Sleep IQ® technology that adjusts with your sleeping needs, but didn’t know about the bedding! They have some great kid designs, and one feature I LOVE is the elastic and buttons that keep sheets and blankets in place throughout the night. Before, it wouldn’t be unusual for Henry to come get us in the middle of the night to help adjust his blanket that’s been thrown off the bed. Their sheets and comforters are buttoned into the fitted sheet so even with all the wiggly feet at night, the bedding stays put! So genius! You can check out all their kids bedding line right here.

The sheets are super soft, 100% cotton in lots of patterns. We picked out the blue star sheet set here. The ultra light down comforter is warm but lightweight, specially designed to prevent kids from overheating so they stay dry. I swear Henry always wakes up in a sweat so I really appreciate that feature.


As usual, we had to wrestle Edie down to get her in her pjs. She thinks everything is a game and ran around the whole house before we could finally get her dressed.


Okay, so this is my favorite part of bedtime: Henry can read stories to Edie now! And he’s so sweet about it. Right now her favorite book is this random Clifford Christmas book we got at the library last week. She requests it every night and giggles at all the same parts: when Clifford makes a huge snowman in the shape of a dog, when Santa falls off the roof into Clifford’s huge patchwork stocking, and when Clifford gets kissed by another dog under the mistletoe.

She’s starting to get Christmas, and it’s so exciting! It makes it the whole season that much more fun.


Edie goes to bed at 7pm at which Henry also has 30 minutes of iPad time. Jared and I get a little bit of much needed downtime for cleaning up dinner and checking email. Then at 7:30 Henry has solo reading time for 30 minutes. Afterwards, we read to him (we just started The Best Christmas Pageant Ever) and then he’s in bed by 8:30pm.


After 8:30 Jared and I either hop on the computer to finish up work, watch a show, or lately I’ve been doing a prenatal yoga video at night I love. It’s a great way to end the day.

Here’s what my team members said about their family bedtime routines: 

Our bedtime routine with the kids is pretty typical. After baths we take turns reading the kids a book or two. Sometimes Viv reads on her own or to her brother(which is adorable). Viv has a night light so she can stay up reading a bit later than her brother. I love bedtime with these two as it sometimes feels like the only part of the day when we slow down.

I don’t have much of a bedtime routine myself besides washing my face and brushing teeth. I’m a pretty good sleeper luckily but if I’m wired and having trouble I try reading in bed or talking to Vince, which usually helps me relax.
– Sarah
sleep number bedding

Hazel’s bedtime starts with a bath from mom or dad and then we usually all spend some family time in her room. When she was younger this was when we would practice her walking but now it’s usually time for wrestling with dad and the dog. Then we read a few books, say prayers and tuck her in bed (of course there is usually a battle of asking for more books, drinks, and stuffed animals until everything is just perfect).

Our bedtime routine isn’t much of a routine. Evenings are the time we spend discussing our calendar, the days events, and of course lounging on the couch watching our shows. Then we stumble to bed and call it a night. Although since being pregnant, Alden had been taking the time to rub my feet and legs before bed and it’s been the nicest treat! I’m hoping it makes it into our regular bedtime routine.



With just having one child, we get to spend quality time with her at bed time. She gets herself ready for bed and we meet in her room to read together. We enjoy reading chapter books (many are my favorites from my own childhood) each night. We snuggle in her bed and enjoy the classic books!
My bed time routine is nothing to be desired! It is usually too late. Too much time finishing work and emails on my computer and not enough reading good books! Ha!
Thanks to Sleep Number® for sponsoring this post. Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sarah Iveson


Fun to see ohter bedrime routines! I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant with my 3rd kiddo as well (I think my 2 year old is only a few weeks apart from Edie, her birthday was late Nov!) Anyways, would love a recommendation for a pre-natal yoga video- what are you using? Thanks!

What a sweet post! My grandchildren are six years apart, also. My grandson, 11, has Autism, and his sister, 5, is sometimes the “older” one. I know someday she will be reading to him. Such sweetness they show to each other. They are so precious together. Thank you for sharing and showing the special bond between sibs. 😉 …and yes….where did you get that adorable Henry pillow?!

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