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pinhole press memory game

My parents have been living in Japan for the last year and a half and are coming home in two days! Hooray! We are all gathering for a big family Christmas in the mountains soon and everyone is counting down the weeks.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what we can get my parents for their new mountain home and what they could enjoy with the family during Christmas.

pinhole press memory game

Today I partnered with Pinhole Press to share with you this special gift I created for my parents.  It’s a personalized memory game with everyone’s faces from our family to mix and match. And until next week you can get $5 off one too with the code SAYYES.

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pinhole press memory game

It’s been 10 years since we’ve all been together for Christmas and some family members we see more often than others. I thought a game like this would be fun to remind the grandkids who’s who. Honestly though, what kids don’t love playing memory?!? It’s been one of Henry’s favorite games for ages.

It was really easy to create the memory game with Pinhole Press. I collected a picture of each family member from their social media accounts. Pinhole Press made it really simple to upload the images and organize them. They printed out two copies of each onto nice thick cards so the images all have a match. The quality is really beautiful that I think will be a really special family game forever.

memory game

I’m a huge family of Pinhole Press. They have many beautiful personalized photo gift ideas like calendars and photo books that all would make lovely holiday gifts.

pinhole press memory game

pinhole press memory game

I’m really excited to give it to my parents for Christmas (fingers crossed they don’t spot this post first!). It’s a fun game that’s also a beautiful, personalized gift. Win win!

Thanks to Pinhole Press for sponsoring this post. Get $5 off a personalized memory game with the code SAYYES. Expires 12/7/15 so order quick!


What a wonderful idea, it would make a charming gift awaiting guests at their place for Xmas meal. So sad they don’t deliver to France.

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