Happy Holidays!!


Hope yours are filled with lots of love, sweets, fun surprises, and relaxing time with family and friends. We are mostly on break and will be back to our regular scheduled posting after the new year. Keep reading for some of our team’s favorite posts from 2015 and have a wonderful holiday break!

xoxo, Liz and the Say Yes team

PS these are the Say Yes holiday cards we made this year.  My sister Becca did the pretty lettering. Feeling lucky to work with this amazing team of inspiring women!

Our highlights from 2015 are…

pineapple cheeseball

I just don’t think I’ll get over how beautiful and tasty this Pineapple Almond Cheeseball is. Projects that are beautiful and functional are always my favorite, especially if you can eat them! –Ashley

first words book

This first words book for Edie might be my favorite project of the year. I love how it turned out and it’s something we’ll have forever. –Liz

diy foliage eggs

I loved the simplicity behind the Easter Foliage Eggs. Easy to make and beautiful to display! –Ashley
How to wrap a fresh flowers. Shooting this gif involved me laying on the floor and getting pretty intimate with the tripod but it sure turned out cute.  –Sarah
 ice cream cake
I’d been meaning to recreate our family’s ice cream cake for years now. It was fun to finally make it for Edie’s 2nd birthday! – Liz
Maybe only my mom and I love these posts but anything about life with baby Edie is precious to me like the outing with dad or bath time. –Liz
ice cream pops
One of the first projects I got to work on in person were these Strawberry Ice-Cream Pie Pops. They were so much fun to make and even prettier to photography. I was only sad that I didn’t come in the next day, when they got to eat them! –Ashley
street style

This year I really enjoyed adding seasonal street style trends to my fashion column. I always love looking at street style fashion but it was fun to look for trends and find ways to incorporate them into my daily life. –Ashley


I love simple DIYs that make life prettier and easier. These 2 minute baby bows fit that bill perfectly! – Liz
The DIY potato cactus stamp tea towel. I love how simple this project is and think it turned out really sweet. Liz comes up with so many ideas for simple crafts, it’s been fun bringing them to life. –Sarah
I’ve loved experimenting with moodier scenes this year. These ghost lights are one of my favorites! –Liz
I love working with food, it’s such a fun part of my job. We did a lot of cooking in the fall which was a hit when I picked up my kids with fresh donuts, muffins etc.. My favorite post was the pumpkin apple muffins with fresh butter. I’m a sucker for anything with pumpkin, and this is such a great recipe! We are going to make them as gifts this week. –Sarah
The prettiest way to store legos. I love how this post turned out! Such an eye popper that solves a problem we all have: LEGOS. –Liz

Another fun series I got to work on was the My sister, My sidekick series highlighting sisters and their relationships. I especially loved meeting (through email) Julia and Mariel and being empowered by what strong and smart women they are. –Ashley

DIY wreath gift toppers

I didn’t help with this post, but I really loved the wreath gift toppers from this holiday season. They’re the perfect addition to all those brown paper packages! –Ashley

Thank YOU all for being such supportive, wonderful, insightful readers. Have a safe and happy holidays!


I am looking for some help in making this memento for my brother. Last summer I had the opportunity to visit the Cape Cod beach where my family vacationed every summer while my brother and I were growing up. I had the idea to collect some sand from that beach and give it to my brother as it was, but then I found an old black and white photograph from 1959 (I was 4 and my brother was 3), and in that photo we are sitting on the jetty from that same beach. So then I thought how great the photo would be showing from the inside of the jar holding the sand. I’ve tried a few different approaches but no luck so I am looking to see if there is a way to attach the photo to the inside of the mason jar without whatever I am using to do that showing. and something that could prevent any sand from getting on the photo. Any suggestions you may have will be very much appreciated.

Happy New Year from Massachusetts where it was 70 degrees on Christmas and where the first snow/ice storm is happening at this very moment!

Have you thought of trying to transfer a photocopy of the picture directly onto the mason jar? There are lots of tutorials out there using a medium like Omni Gel Transfer medium. Good luck!

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