DIY Mod Wooden Ornaments

By Olivia Kanaley
mod wooden ornaments

One of my favorite ways to celebrate at Christmas is making new ornaments for the tree, like these painted wooden ones. What I love about these is is that they’re simple enough to whip up in one evening but sturdy enough to last for years to come. We chose a palette of neons and bold hues but you can make these any color combo you want to complement your home.

mod wooden ornaments

Keep reading to see how to make them…

mod wooden ornaments


1½” unfinished wood balls
Mini screw eyes
Acrylic paint in assorted colors
Masking tape
Ribbon for hanging
1/16″ Drill bit

Step 1: Start with an unfinished wood ball. For a different look you can give it a base coat of paint first.

mod wooden ornaments

Step 2: Tape off half the ornament. Be sure to tape in the same direction as the grain to minimize bleed-through.ModWoodOrnaments-Step3

Step 3: Apply a coat of acrylic paint (starting with lighter colors works best). When dry, remove tape.


Step 4: Tape off a “wedge-shaped” section of the ornament. Get creative with layering and angles to create different looks.

mod wooden ornaments

Step 5: Apply paint to the taped off area. When dry, remove tape.


Step 6: Using the ¹⁄16″ bit and drill, make a shallow hole where you would like the top of the ornament to be.


Step 7: Insert the screw eye into the hole, and hand tighten. If desired you can apply a bit of white glue to secure it.

mod wooden ornaments

Step 8: Thread a 7″ length of ribbon through the screw eye and knot at the top. Now you’re ready to trim the tree!

mod wooden ornaments

mod wooden ornaments

mod wooden ornaments


It’s really cute. I made something similar last year, repainting old Xmas baubles but I like wood appearing on yours. What a lovely craft to make with kids !

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