Day in the Life: Say Yes Work


Today I’m sharing a little glimpse into our daily work routine here at Say Yes. It involves lots of fake snow this time of year and plenty of snacks! Keep reading to see how an average day shakes out…

Thanks CVS for sponsoring this Day in a Life campaign and making our Say Yes work errands convenient and delicious. 


Things usually start with a little planning meeting at the beginning of the week. Depending on how busy we are, I have one or two team members here with me during the day. When things are really busy Ashley comes in as well from the east bay making it a really fun crowd! Sara of Alice and Lois and Sarah (we’ve been calling them by their last names Albers and Iveson) are here this morning and we’re brainstorming some ways of creating these leather ornaments I posted about last week.

We made a list of things we needed which involved a quick trip to CVS down the street to pick up simple supplies, styling elements and re-stock our snacks. We hit it up all the time during out work week since it’s super convenient and a one-stop-shop.


Here’s what we picked up at CVS: A variety of CVS brand Gold Emblem abound snacks like crackers, nuts, fruit cubes, and popcorn. We also picked sticky tak, new scissors, and a couple styling elements like candy canes, ribbon, and LED lights.


Re-stocked our snack station! Sometimes we end up not being able to break for lunch until 1pm so we have to keep some snacks on hand. Those CVS brand Gold Emblem Abound fruit cubes are seriously addicting!


Time to get started, we experimented with using different holiday cookie cutters and string to make the ornaments. We ended up using our new scissors. Those pretty ones just don’t cut as well!



Usually after I get them started on a project, I hop onto the computer and check email, do some social promotion from the posts that day.


Sometimes mid project I’ll come and take a quick instagram.


Often, we’ll have a team lunch. Our favorites places to grab a couple salads in the neighborhood are Nourish and Heartbaker. They’re both really healthy and delicious. We usually have a planning meeting for the afternoon during lunch. We also chat about what hilarious things are kids are doing, what hair products we’re loving, or holiday travel plans. Ya know, just regular girl talk stuff! We work together but we’re also really good friends!


Back to work, taking some final shots of the ornaments and finishing touches on styling.


There’s usually a project or two leftover we need to take photographs of, like this advent calendar. Sarah Iveson had to run and get her kids from school but Sara Albers stuck around to help with the photos. As you can see, there is always a hot mess just out of frame!


I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the Day in the Life campaign. I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at or with the appropriate manufacturers.


Looks like a dreamy day!

Curious where you got the grey linen looking napkins on the table with the food? I’d love to know! Thanks!

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