Hippie Tree Family Sunset Adventure

hippie swing

Our family has a tradition of sunset adventures we started earlier this year. It’s been a fun way to fill the time between dinner and bed. In these winter months though, it’s been harder to make it happen since the sun is setting so early. To truly be a sunset adventure, we’ve have to leave pretty much right after school! Before we left town for the holiday vacation, we went on a sunset adventure to find a secret swing I’d heard of called the ‘hippie tree’ with views of the whole San Francisco bay.

hippie swing

Here are some photos of our outing…

Thanks CVS for sponsoring this Day in a Life campaign and making our family adventures and errands that much more convenient. 


A few months ago I saw a photo on Instagram of someone on this amazing swing overlooking the bay and have been trying to track down exactly where it was ever since. On Yelp, I found it: it’s a called Hippie Tree and it’s about 25 minutes north of the city in a cute harbor town called Tiburon. It wasn’t too hard to find. You can see the directions on Yelp right here. You park on the road and hike up a dirt path to the top of the hill.

hippie swing

The hike alone was beautiful, with views of the whole bay. The town of Tiburon jets out into the bay with expansive views from almost any spot. It’s a really lovely little town just north of Golden Gate Bridge.

cvs snacks

Because it was right after school, I knew the kids would be hungry. So, on our way we stopped at our local CVS for some snacks. There are a lot of healthy options for the whole family in the Gold Emblem Abound products like crunchy Fuji Apple Crisps and Almond and Cranberry Nut Bars you can throw in your purse. We also picked up some other random things we were running low on in the house like paper towels, shampoo, sunscreen, and some more tape for wrapping gifts. Convenience shopping is key for our families and our busy lives. It makes things so much easier when you can find everything you need in one neighborhood store like CVS. 


We took a mid-hike break for some snacks and then continued our way up the hill to the very top.


There it is! Henry went running ahead to check it out.

hippie swing

hippie swing

At first, Henry wanted to hold on to the bottom and swing.  It was hard to get very high so I helped him up to the seat.

hippie swing

The views are really incredible! You can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background as well as the towns of Sausalito and Belvedere. Edie really enjoyed observing Henry and watching the sunset by my side.



hippie swing

The tree is hanging from this beautiful, old Eucalyptus tree. It’s such an amazing spot! There are also big rocks to climb on the other side of the tree. It was even prettier than I had imagined.

hippie swing

Time to head back down and get some real dinner.

hippie swing

Henry’s bounced his way down the hill to the car, with Edie following right behind. A simple, but inspiring sunset adventure!

hippie swing

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What an amazing spot!! We have a CVS close to our house, we hit it up constantly- so convenient!

We are avid sunset adventurers in our family as well – that’s a tricky time of day for little ones (and parents) when energy is flagging but they’re not quite ready to wind down yet. We all look forward to a little outing like this in our family. 🙂

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