A Pregnancy Care Package

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I’m 20 weeks pregnant this week! My energy has come back after the first trimester and I actually look pregnant now, not just like I’m putting on some weight (which I totally am too). After coming out of the first trimester fog, there were a few things I’ve been loving so far in my pregnancy and I’m collecting them to share with you today. Good things for your own pregnancy, or as a pregnancy care package for a friend. We’ve done a new snowed in mom and college student care package before, but today we’re focusing on expecting moms and partnering with Mustela and their line of prenatal skincare to share some favorite items for this post.


Keep reading to see exactly what we put inside…


We’re featuring the Mustela line of prenatal skincare. They’re a french company and I absolutely love them. They make a variety of products for baby and mom made with mostly natural ingredients that’s great for sensitive skin. My favorite prenatal products are the Soothing Moisturizing Balm  (my skin is always itchier when I’m pregnant) and the Stretch Marks Prevention Cream.

Here’s what we included in the pregnancy care package:


1. Mustela prenatal skincare products: Soothing Moisturizing Balm, Stretch Marks Prevention Cream, and Body Firming Gel.

2. Fresh flowers because they make everyone smile.

3. Coconut bath soak or bath salts. Baths are the BEST when you’re pregnant. Something about being in that warm water feels so good.

4. Mug + ginger tea. We made the DIY marbled mug here and ginger tea is great for nausea.

5. Dry shampoo for all those mornings they feel too sick and tired to shower. First trimester is so hard!

6. Box of small mints for a convenient mint after a nauseating post-lunch incident at work (no fun).

7. A pregnancy or interesting parenting book like The Idle Parent.

8. A pregnancy workout or yoga video like Tracy Anderson’s The Pregnancy Project which has a different workout video every month of your pregnancy.

9. A notebook to record your pregnancy journey and brainstorm baby names.

10. Snacks because they’ll probably need to eat all the time to not feel light headed. I always keep something in my purse to nibble on in the car or at the store.

11. A comfy scarf for an afternoon power nap anywhere.

12. Comfy slippers for lounging around the house.


What would you include in a pregnancy care package?

Thank you to Mustela for sponsoring this post and making baby and mom skincare products we love! And, save 10% off your Mustela order with code SAYYES10 at checkout. 


I love your shirt! May I ask what brand it is? I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant with my third, and looking for a few cute additions to the wardrobe.

It’s from Jcrew sale section-just bought and not maternity but long enough right now!

Congratulations! I’m in week 20 too! It’s my first, so I’m looking forward to reading your maternity posts! 🙂

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