Messy Kid Project: Holiday Cookie Cutter Stamping


We’ve got another fun and messy kid project for you today. This one is holiday focused of course, and puts to use that bag of cookie cutters that you’d otherwise use only once a year for holiday cookie baking.  It’s also a really great busy activity to do on the floor in the kitchen while you’re working on some holiday baking or gift wrapping. Here’s how it went with Edie…

seventh generation messy kid craft

I love keeping a huge roll of white paper in the kitchen for messy craft projects like this one.  When the kids are getting ansy during dinner prep, I roll it out and open the craft drawer. For this project, we first stripped Edie down to her Seventh Generation Free and Clear diapers. We started her in these when she was about 6 months old and have never gone back to other daytime diapers. They’re free of latex, fragrances, patterns, and also those annoying cartoon characters. It makes clean up that much more simple when she just in her diaper too!

I love her hestitant look here. Anytime I invite Edie to come make a mess she’s gives me this look to double check,  “Really? I can just go for it??”.


We showed her how it works: simply dip the cookie cutter in the washable paint and press onto the paper to make a holiday ‘stamp’. She mostly liked to watch and dip her fingers into the paint at first.

seventh generation messy kid craft

seventh generation messy kid craft

I think it would make a fun wrapping paper too if older kids can join in on the project, don’t you think?

seventh generation messy kid craft

Once she became sufficiently covered in paint, it was time to do a little clean up.

seventh generation messy kid craft

For easy cleanup we used Seventh Generation Hand Soap. I love the festive red of this hisbiscus and cardamon scent.  The hand wash has no dyes, no synthetic fragrances. Just a gentle, plant-based formula that’s perfect for sensitive baby skin, like Edie’s. She loves any kind of water play, including washing and cleaning her hands so she happily spent a few minutes cleaning up, including her legs!

stamping3seventh generation messy kid craft

Another fun, messy project comes to a clean close!

Thanks to Seventh Generation for sponsoring this post. Photography by Liz Stanley.  Assisted by Sarah Iveson


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