DIY Napkin Rings

By DIY contributor Alyson of Sugar and Bash

DIY Napking Rings Styled 5

I love a simple tabletop and with the holidays coming up I decided to make some napkin rings that actually match my napkins. There also seems to be a trend of combining metals, so with a simple white palette I added some copper and gold accents. Of course I took that gold right into this DIY!

DIY Napkin Rings Styled 2

Keep reading for instructions…
Polymer Clay
Something round to wrap the clay around, I used a T.P. roll
Clay Roller
X-acto Knife
Dotting Tool
Liquid Gilding

Step 1
Step 1. After softening your clay, roll it into balls about 2” in circumference and then roll out into 4” logs

Step 2
Step 2. Using your clay roller, evenly roll out the logs until they are wide and long enough to wrap around the T.P. roll or whatever else you have similar in size. You may need to cut off the ends with the Xacto knife to get a clean look.
Step 3. Wrap the clay around the roll to get the exact size and cut off any excess clay.

Step 3
Step 4. Carefully pull off the ring and blend the ends together for a flush look. I used a little amount of water to attach them.
Step 5. Bake clay according to the instructions on the packaging. Once cooled, sand out any imperfections.

Step 4
Step 6. I wanted these in the natural clay and with a matte finish, so I went right into making the stars! I simply dipped the tool in the gold and dotted away making a similar style to the napkins.
Step 4 Visual
You can always paint and glaze these too, but I wanted something with a little contrast to the shiny metals on the table. These are a great way to keep the tabletop minimal and those napkins looking real fresh!


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