Chore Card Printable


I have a fun trick for getting kids to do their chores each week…



A chore punch card! Just like those frequent buyer cards at the yogurt shop down the street. Kids get a hole punch with each chore they do. You can decide each day or on how many you’d like them to do. When they get all the numbers punched out, they can get whatever privilege you’ve decided upon as a family: an allowance, screen time, a candy from their Halloween stash. Whatever works for you guys.

You can print out the free chore card (above, a sheet of four) right here.


Easy, right? How do you motivate your kids to do chores each day?

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Illustrated chore card by Rebecca Ricks for Say Yes. Photography by Liz Stanley. 


Oh Liz, you saved me! I was figurating out what to do… For screen we use sticks and each stick represents 20 minutes. He takes one then I hide that one, he si always counting and negotating… but these illustrated cards are gonna be exciting for chores, I hadn’t find the right way! 🙂

Such a great idea. My daughter’s three and we are getting her to help out without any reward at the moment, but I know it won’t last long. Will definitely need these cards soon.

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