Accordion Zine Photo Book


Yesterday was Edie’s 2nd birthday! We’ve been looking all pictures and watching videos of her as newborn baby all week. She asks for it every morning when she gets up and no matter how many times I watch, I can’t help but tear up! It’s amazing to have everything documented so throughly, thanks to instagram, but can be overwhelming as well to organize and get these sweet memories off your phone and into your hand.  I wanted to share this cute accordion zine idea we made from some favorite instagram photos of her last two years with Parabo Press. A beautiful, simple idea for any celebrations you might have coming up.

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Photo books are all the rage now. It’s a great way to collect all those instagram photos you take every week and organize them.  I love the idea behind Parabo Press’ Zine books, they’re special:  simple, beautifully designed, with a gold title and just a handful of photos you can pick (double sided!), uploaded directly from your instagram to their app. It’s a great idea to use as part of your party decor as we did here, or for grandparents far away, or even an engagement party. It’s could also be a great thank you for a hostess or friend who helped plan an awesome trip shared together. It’s small and simple and stands up nicely so it’s great for display!

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Parabo Press also has beautiful engineering, risograph prints and lots of other rad photo projects, all created from their easy to use app.


Edie loves looking at photos of herself the last two years, although she thought several were “Baby Heywee” (Henry) like the one below!



I think they look so pretty set up on a table. Such a great concept for simple party decor that all the guests (especially grandma and grandpa) will love to look at.


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Oh perfect! I think our little ones are so close in age. Using your party ideas (and zine!) for my son’s second birthday next month!

This is beautiful! Congratulations to Edie. The photo album’s going to make a great Christmas present to my boyfriend.

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