20 Gifts under $50 for your Parents

By Ashley Aikele

parents GIFT GUIDE

Up next on our gift guides… Parents! What do you like to get your parents for the Holidays? It seems like I rotate between a framed picture of my daughter or our family and some kitchen gadget (my parents collect them). This year I branched out and came up with 20 gift ideas.

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  1. For my parent’s birthdays this year we got them fitness tracking devices and they turned out to be a huge hit! My dad even stayed up to midnight one night running around the house trying to burn one more calorie.
  2. Are you parents traveling? Consider getting them some nice passport cases.
  3. You really can’t go wrong with a framed picture of the kids (or granddog!)
  4. My family is a game family so I can’t think of anything my parents would love more than the classic family game Charades.
  5. This nice leather envelope would be a sweet gift if you filled it with old family pictures.
  6. If your parents like to be in the kitchen consider getting this iPad stand that comes with a stylus so you don’t have to get your iPad dirty with your sticky fingers.
  7. These totes are the perfect size, are reversible, and come in lots of fun color combinations!
  8. Growing up mom always wanted a new pair of slippers for Christmas. These slippers might just take the cake for coziness!
  9. Individual Pizza stones. Perfect for cooking for one or two or for pizza night with the grandkids.
  10. If your mom likes to make up tea for the whole gang then this tea pitcher fits the bill!
  11. You can never go wrong with a Capri Blue candle.
  12. The perfect fall cheese knives for all her holiday parties.
  13. A vintage kitchen timer that is so charming it won’t even matter if she uses it or not.
  14. If your dad is a master griller then he will probably enjoy his own customizable grilling brand.
  15. Can’t go wrong with a good pair of dad slippers!
  16. A laser putter to help keep his golf game on point.
  17. We all know how dads get possessive of their nice flashlights. Why not make it official and get him a gold flashlight?
  18. A pocket shaver so he can shave anytime, anywhere.
  19. A baseball hat equipped with an LED light so he can find whatever he’s looking for in the garage.
  20. A foldable ice scrapper for those cold early mornings.


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