20 Gifts under $50 for your little Sister

By Ashley Aikele


Your little sister is always the hip, “cool” one so you’ve got to find a present this year to match! Here are 20 things under $50 to fit the bill!

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  1. A cozy sweater from Madewell never disappoints!
  2. The options of cute socks in the world right now are endless and no one hates a new pair of socks.
  3. This watch should hit all her style points!
  4. Can’t have just a regular tote for your sister, it’s gotta be a hologram tote!
  5. You can never go wrong with a scarf.
  6. This ombre puzzle makes doing puzzles cool!
  7. A girl can never have too many cell phone cases. Especially if they sparkle!
  8. It’s always fun to get nice nail polish instead of the cheap kind she usually collects.
  9. Lipstick is for ladies!
  10. A classic she will love, Coco Chanel!
  11. A beanie in blush because it’s my favorite color for winter.
  12. These mittens have style and function. Wahoo!
  13. A mini emergency kit, for all those mini emergencies.
  14. A new wallet is always fun to get! Bonus points if you put a little money inside.
  15. Light up her pad with these little copper lights.
  16. A coloring book for adults!
  17. A bold, graphic poncho will fit her personality nicely.
  18. Adele’s new album. Because no one hates Adele.
  19. Time to upgrade her Ryan Gosling calendar!
  20. Slippers that make her feel like your adorable little sister.


Perfect gifted for a little sister! I would love to give the comfy slippers to my sister. Thank you for sharing!

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