20 Best Toys to Give a Two Year Old

By Ashley Aikele


Since Liz and I have daughters only 6 weeks apart it’s fun to talk about what stages they are at, how much they both love to say “no”, and what toys they’re into. We put our heads together, along with a couple of friends, and came up with a list of the 20 best toys for a 2 year old! Any must haves that we missed?

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  1. These magnetic toys are like 3D puzzles. Great for learning, plus how cute is that rocket?
  2. This race track + set of matchbox cars is a huge hit at our house. Even still for Henry!
  3. At this age kids imaginations are just starting to develop and a play kitchen is a great way to get the ball rolling.
  4. Toddlers are usually obsessed with animals at this age and these classic animals never get old.
  5. My almost 2 year old is obsessed with “The wheels on the bus” and I’m just sure this bus would be a hit!
  6. Balls. All the balls. Keep them constantly learning with this geography ball.
  7. Kids love shoes. Especially ones that are comfortable and easy to put on. Freshly picked moccs are my favorite.
  8. Puzzles are always fun for this age. I love this locks and latches board that is a step above regular puzzles.
  9. Encourage their creativity young with an art easel.
  10. You can never go wrong with books! I love these simplified fairy tale books.
  11. Musical instruments are so fun (and loud) at this age.
  12. Two is a great age to get a balance bike. Great for developing balance and in a year or two they’ll be ready for the real deal.
  13. These magnatiles are the kind of toy that will be in your family forever. With never ending possibilities this toy spans all ages.
  14. This play food is especially fun because you can cut it and put it back together again.
  15. Three wheeled scooters are perfect for two year olds! You’ll be surprised at how well they can scoot around town.
  16. Mega Bloks are like the baby version of Legos, perfect for two year olds and endless entertainment!
  17. When they are older (3, 4… even school-aged) they like dolls that resembled them, but as two-year-olds they love having baby dolls. This is a favorite brand!
  18. Cup Up is great for color sorting, counting and hand/eye coordination for toddlers and children with special needs.
  19. Ikea has a great set of train tracks that also fit Thomas the Train if your child is into trains!
  20. These cupcakes are more than just cupcakes, they’re shape sorters and a huge hit!

Special thanks to our friends Elyse, Michelle, Allie, Jessica, and Alysha for their tried and true toy ideas!


Great list! Love these ideas. What brand is the baby doll? The link doesn’t work

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