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Last week I was in San Diego with the SPROUT by HP. I’ve done a couple posts about the fantastic machine before.  This time, I was doing a live demonstration in their SPROUT Truck’s that are traveling around the country with the Oddball Comedy Tour. I did a live design workshop in the truck featuring some of my favorite projects that you can make with the SPROUT. Here are some pictures of how it went!



If you’re unfamiliar with the SPROUT, it’s a revolutionary computer and brand new design tool by HP. It has incredible 3D imaging at the press of a button, dual touch screens that make hand drawn lettering and designs really easy to produce. You can easily manipulate and create designs that can become cards, artwork, or even wrapping paper (like the one above!). There are so many possibilities.

sprout-computers  sprout-computer-projects

For this first project, I was making hand drawn wrapping paper. It’s really easy to use your finger or a pen to draw, and it’s a cinch to edit as well. You can see more details of this project right here.


I printed the wrapping paper out beforehand, you can see what it looked like above (and you can download the wrapping paper right here if you’d like).  I think it would be really fun to do a holiday version with Christmas trees or snowflakes too.


Everyone was so nice and chatty! Many had questions about this blog and you guys (who reads your blog??). It’s always fun to talk shop a little and meet people from all over.


Next we made a thank you card for a party with some party supplies that we arranged directly on the screen and took an overhead photo with the image capture feature.


We moved elements around a little and added a note in the middle with text. Again, all touch screens-no keyboards needed! You can see a version Henry made of these cards right here.


Thank you SPROUT by HP for sponsoring this post and helping us design with such a beautiful and interactive new tool. Make sure you check out where the SPROUT truck is headed next right here. Photography by Ashley Aikele


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