Halloween Family Costumes: Disneyland Tourists


Last up in our family Halloween costumes is probably my favorite, Disneyland tourists! I love how simple it really is to throw together. It’s only a matter of digging out all your Disney memorabilia lying around, top that with all the fanny packs you own and you have your costume!


keep reading for the simple instructions…


For dad: Mickey t-shirt, fanny pack and of course Mickey Mouse ears to top it off. Bonus if you have Mickey Mouse socks and shoes.


For your little person: a Disney t-shirt peppered with all the Disney pins you can find. Add a back pack and hat to make them really look the part.


For mom: Minnie mouse ears, a Mickey t-shirt, tennis shoes and a fanny pack.


For baby: a simple Minnie or Mickey hat and some golden Freshly Picked Moccasins!


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Big thanks to our family models this year, Aaron, Kayti, little Monroe and baby Reggie Oldham. Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.


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