Halloween Couples Costumes: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris


I love looking to pop culture as an influence for Halloween costumes and nothing is more pop culture than Taylor Swift and her DJ boyfriend, Calvin Harris. They’re cool, they’re hip, they’re popular and you will be too when you show up dressed up like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Taylor’s like is pretty simple to recreate although it does help if you have blonde hair or a blonde wig.



Keep reading for the simple instructions and more pictures…



Taylor Swift: Crop top and circle skirt from H&M, pair with heels, sunglasses and don’t forget the red lipstick!



Calvin Harris: Skinny jeans and track jacket paired with sneakers and and a tee shirt. Sunglasses for the paparazzi moments.



Stay tuned for the rest of our couples costumes coming next week (and check out our Grease couples costume from earlier this week). And be sure and check out our family costumes this year, Star Wars, fruit basket, Peter Pan, and Disneyland Tourists from this year and both our family and couples costumes from last year.

Big thanks to our ever faithful couple models, my baby sister Katrina and her husband Quinn of QP Collections. Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.


She needs an A-frame purse in the crook of her arm and red, red lipstick and she’s all good to go! Otherwise, fun costume!

So adorable!! Oh my goodness! I need a blonde wig and some convincing tactics for my husband!

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