DIY Ghost Spoon Rest

By DIY contributor Alyson of Sugar and Bash

spoon rest 4

I can’t think of anything better than cozying up in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate and reading a good book. These spoon rests are helpful when you no longer need your spoon! Even better, I’ll show you how to make some Halloween versions!
spoon rest 7

Keep reading for the instructions…

spoon rests materials

Polymer Clay
Ghost Cookie Cutter
Clay Roller
Alphabet Stamps
Light Sandpaper
White and Black Acrylic Paint
Food Safe Glaze

Spoon Rest Step 1

01. First roll the clay out evenly, a little less than 1/4” thick, and cut out the ghost

Spoon Rest Step 2

02. With the alphabet stamps, you can spell out “Boo” or “Spoon Me” or anything else!

Spoon Rest Step 3

03. Use aluminum foil to prop up one side of the ghost and the bottom of his little ghost body. Bake according to the instructions on the packaging
04. Once cool, lightly sand the sides of the ghost to smooth out any perfections

Spoon Rest Step 4

05. Paint the ghost and his eyes, I only needed to do two coats
06. When the paint has dried, brush on the glaze

spoon rest 3

It’s the perfect accessory to that butternut squash soup you know you’ve been craving!


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