DIY Ghost Lights


I love festive banners and lights for Halloween. Last year we made some eyeball lights with ping pong balls that were a lot of fun. Today we’re sharing a tutorial on making these ghost lights, also with ping pong balls! Your child can help make the ghost faces and because we use LED lights you don’t need to worry about them being a fire hazard. Keep reading to see how to make them…

ghost light tutorial

Step 1: Using a black marker, decorate your ping pong balls with ghost faces. You can buy them in bulk from Amazon- $6.45 for 144 lights. This would be fun to get the kids to help with!

Step 1: Using an exact-o knife, cut a small plus+  sign in each ping pong ball at the top of each ghost head (for more specific instructions, check out our ping pong ball cafe lights tutorial)

ghost light tutorial

Step 3: Cut pieces of sheet fabric into about 6 x 4 inch rectangles. Fold in half to make a triangle and cut a small slit in the middle so it can slide over the small light bulb.

Step 4: Slide the slit through the LED light bulb (you can buy a strand for $6 also on Amazon). Slide the ping pong ball on next so the fabric is covering the ball.

ghost light tutorial

Step 5: Tie a small white string under each ghost head. Trim with scissors and hang for a spooky Halloween decor!