An Easy Way to Give


Henry, Edie, and I all have birthdays within a month of each other right before the holidays. It can be super chaotic to get so much stuff at once. So this time of year, right before the birthdays hit, we often have a big splurge to get rid of all the toys they’re not playing with, figure out what they really need, and get ready for the influx of new toys that comes at birthdays and holidays. I’m happy to be partnering with Glad and their Glad to Give program to help spread the word about a really easy way to donate gently used items from your home. Keep reading for more…


Because we have very little storage in our San Francisco flat, we are getting rid of stuff constantly. If you haven’t read the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I highly recommend it. I read a paragraph in there and moments later the entire contents of my closet was on the bed and a few hours after that, 11 garbage bags of clothes lined the hall ready for donation. Afterwards, it felt like I could breathe again! It was so rewarding to look into a curated closet knowing that every item in there was hand picked and needed. I highly recommend it and it’s a great thing to teach kids as well: not to look as our belongings as too precious, especially when we have so much stuff we’re surrounded by and there are so many people that have so little.



Edie loves organizing and collecting so it was a fun activity for her to be involved in as well. Usually I go through when the kids aren’t around as well and throw some things in I know they wouldn’t miss. It’s always easier to have someone else get rid of your stuff!



Garbage bags are always our cleanup method of choice for donated items and the ones from Glad are scented which is nice. After collecting your goods, you can go to, enter your zip code and then pick a charity of your choice that will come pick up your items ready to be donated. So easy!

This post is sponsored by Glad and their Glad to Give program. Visit to schedule a free donation pickup by a charity of your choice. 

Photography by Ashley Aikele. My dress is from LOFT. 


First, love that dress! I was just at LOFT Sunday and didn’t see it… but it appears to be sold out online too.

Second, loved that book! It’s like words can’t describe the inspiration I felt to get cleaning out my closets–I recommend it to everyone, and I even blogged about it too.

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