Alice in Wonderland Party

alice in wonderland party

Edie’s second birthday is coming up next month, which is so nuts! I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a party. I think 2nd birthday parties are so much fun because they’re old enough to really enjoy it. Sometimes I struggle with allowing too many characters make their way into parties but I love the idea of creating a party using a character or movie as a general theme, and working off of a few elements from it.  Today I’m sharing a few details from an Alice in Wonderland themed party today, inspired by the Welcome to Wonderland digital Paperless Post invitation above. As part of the party, we’re sharing a really easy way to make these tiny little tea party cakes.

alice in wonderland party

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I’m working with Paperless Post to spread the word about their classic digital Disney Invitations. Paperless post makes the best digital invitations and we use them all the time for birthday parties, holiday parties and other events. This new line of Disney inspired invitations are done in such a classic, timeless way that they’re more nostalgic (like the Alice in Wonderland one we used above). I’m really impressed with them. You can see more invitations here and check out my pinterest board where I paired some of their invitations with other party ideas and DIYs to jump start the inspiration for your upcoming event. Plus, to celebrate the collaboration Paperless Post has a sweepstakes where you can win $1000 towards a dream party. You can enter here (and get $5 off at Paperless Post just by entering).

But let’s move on to making these tiny tea party cakes for the Alice in Wonderland party, shall we?


Supplies: White chocolate block, marshmallows, food coloring, skewer, parchment paper, one small jar for each color

alice in wonderland party


1. Melt white chocolate over a double boiler. PS I’ve only had success melting with block white chocolate, not the chips

2. Tint with any color food coloring you like to match your party theme

3. With a skewer, stab the marshmallow and dip into your chocolate, let the excess drip off and then gently slide it onto the paper

4. Place in the fridge to chill for a few minutes

alice in wonderland party

And for making a simple mini cake stand we took some white plates (you can find pretty mismatched ones at a thrift store) and glued a jar on the bottom

alice in wonderland party

We sprinkled the mini tea cakes with flowers and edible ones on top

alice in wonderland party

We picked up party supplies like the giant confetti, daisy garland, honeycomb balls, plates and cups from the Oh Happy Day Party Shop.


alice in wonderland party

Time to party!

Thanks to Paperless Post for sponsoring this post. Enter their sweepstakes for a chance to win $1000 towards your dream party here. You get $5 off at Paperless Post just by entering! 


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