Halloween Family Costumes: Peter Pan

family halloween costumes

We are into the second half of our family Halloween costumes and I’m in love with this rendition of Peter Pan. We thought it would be fun to put Wendy’s brother John in the picture with his iconic top hat and pajamas. You could easily add a baby in a pink sleeper to be Michael and even the family dog as nana!


Keep reading for instructions…


Peter Pan: Thrifted top with cut jagged edges and thrifted belt. Pants and shoes were his own. The hat was made using green fabric and following a simple paper hat tutorial then sewed the two sides together and glued on a feather, cardboard sword, flag made with a twig and some fabric.


Wendy: Thrifted blue nightgown, thrifted shoes and side braid.

John: Mens pajamas ordered oversized from Amazon, top hat and glasses from amazon. Slippers were borrowed.


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Big thanks to our family models this year, Aaron, Kayti, little Monroe Oldham. Photography by Ashley Thalman. Styling by  Sarah Larsen. Produced by site manager Ashley Aikele with creative direction by myself, Liz Stanley.


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