Easy Spiky Halloween hair for kids

By beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephantspiky-hair-for-kids
Thinking of the perfect Halloween costume can be stressful, especially trying to get all the details right… like getting that spiky hair that stands on end! Stress no more because we have a classic technique that will solve your problem!
Keep reading for step by step instructions…

Our little spooky gothic skeleton needed a bit of something to his natural smooth hair. He also had a bit of cowlicks in the front of his hairline that made it difficult to keep his hair straight up.
1. We started with wetting the hair to re-train the hairline. We sprayed Bumble and Bumble Prep but water will do.
2. Then we generously added BB Gel. You can use any strong gel (here is another great recommendation). Don’t be shy on adding product!
3. We started to twist the hair in small sections, adding more gel when needed.
4. THE KEY to this is setting the product with some heat, so bring out the blowdryer! Concentrate the blowdry on the gelled root to make sure the spikes stays up and holds! You’re retraining the root to hold upright for the night by doing this.
5. Once the hair feels about 90% dry, break up the twists with your fingers making a messy style WHILE you’re continuing to fully dry.
6. Grab a comb and lightly shape any hair falling down by adding a strong hold hairspray.
Spiky hair can be added to any costume. It’s especially perfect for a werewolf, skeleton, zombie, or anything a little spooky!


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