DIY Color Block Crayons

DIY crayons

I’m always inspired by all the ways to re-make and shape crayons. I’ve made a couple different kinds before like the rainbow crayons and the mini toddler crayons but thought it would be fun to make a color block version. Keep reading to see how to do it in three easy steps…

DIY crayons


  1. Start by gathering the broken crayons and a few extra and chopping them into small pieces. Group them into similar colors.

DIY crayons

2. Using clean, empty baby jars, sort each color into the jars and place in a pot of water about 1-2 inches high. Be sure the jars sit above the water line. Boil the water until the wax melts in the jars (about 5 minutes or less)

DIY crayons

3. Using any shape silicon ice tray (we used this one from amazon), pour one color in while tilting the tray at an angle so it naturally falls into a triangle shape. Continue with other colors along the same angled side of the try. It should take only about 4-5 minutes for that side to dry and then you pour and tilt the tray in the other direction to add the second color. Let cool completely before popping them out.

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sarah Iveson and Ashley Aikele


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