An Easy On-the-Go Spot Treatment Trick

DIY spot treatment spray

With my second child, I’ve given up on diaper bags completely. Instead, I grab a couple diapers and wipes and throw them into whatever bag I’m carrying out the door. Sometimes with a hat or toy depending on where we’re going and how much entertaining we’ll need on this particular errand. One thing that’s useful to also carry around with you is a small on-the-go spot treatment spray and I’m sharing how to make one today with Seventh Generation

DIY spot treatment spray

Seventh Generation’s Free and Clear Natural Laundry Detergent  is the only detergent on the market (including others in the Free & Clear category) that does not include artificial, or optical, brighteners. Those are the chemicals added to detergents to make your clothes appear brighter and whiter, but in fact aren’t actually cleaning them – they’re just adding unnecessary chemicals that then rub off on your skin. Seventh Generation detergent is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. I swear Edie gets a rash from almost anything! I have to be so careful with her. We also love their natural wipes and diapers. They’re free of dyes/fragrances, as well as cartoon characters (hooray!).


To make your DIY spot treatment spray: Simple fill a small spray bottle half with laundry detergent and half with water. That’s it! Throw it in your purse or diaper bag.


Almost every outing with a little one involves eating or getting dirty outside so it’s a good idea to tote it along wherever you go and you can refill it again and again.



You can use it at home too on baby’s clothes that need an extra treatment spray before you have time to do laundry after a messy meal.

Thanks to Seventh Generation for sponsoring this post. Check out more of their natural laundry and baby products that are safe for the home and family. 


great idea! I love seventh generation :). I have a random unrelated question…can I ask where you got that beautiful brown leather tote? I have been looking for one just like that, it looks beautiful. Do you mind sharing where it came from? Thanks!

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