Back to Schoola Party


Last Saturday I co-hosted a back to school party with Schoola, a wonderful company that makes buying + selling used clothing and donating to your local school really easy. I’ve posted before about them here, we are huge fans! The back to school party was held at Recess Urban Recreation, a really cool indoor gym area for kids of all ages here in San Francisco. I had never been! They had lots of places to play with slides, tunnels, disco rooms and toys galore. Edie particularly was in HEAVEN. Yummy kid friendly snacks by Chef Steph, a great coloring area with Yoobi, and a photobooth where kids could write their grade and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Jared was away for his high school reunion, but the kids and I had a great time! I had to drag them out of there when it ended.

Thanks to so many of you that came, it was great to meet so many new faces! Here are some photos of the event if you’d like to see…


Just a bit about Schoola if you’re unfamiliar: They’re an online shop where you can buy and sell gently used women and children’s clothing. 40% of the proceeds from the clothing go to schools. If you donate the clothing, the profits from those go to a school of your choice. You can see when you purchase items what school you’re helping fund programs for. Our public school relies so much on donations for programs like art, music and a social worker that we’ve worked with Schoola each year to organize a school wide clothing drive. But you can do it yourself too. It’s easy to use- you request a bag and then fill it up and mail it back filled with clothing your children have grown out of. Or you can request a drive for your school. It feels good cleaning out their closets and knowing I’m helping donate money for Henry’s school.

I brought a bag of clothes to donate at the event (above) and below I’m giving a little blurb about Schoola to the attendees while Edie hides at my feet.




The kid friendly bites were catered by Chef Steph. I couldn’t walk by and not eat one of those addictive cheese puffs!


kids clothing donations

Yoobi was another sponsor. They provided some goodie bag loot and a fun coloring table at the event. I love their art supplies. They’re beautifully designed, colorful, and made with kids in mind.





What a ham! I think Henry might have learned some moves from the Taylor Swift videos…His card said he wants to do time travel and be a baseball player when he grows up.


We all had a great time!  I could socialize and both kids were thoroughly entertained. Recess would be a great spot for a kids party or a rainy day when you’re cooped up at home.


Thanks again for inviting me to co-host, Schoola, and be part of such a wonderful event celebrating back to school! Check out more photos they took of the event right here and be sure to use the code GEARUP to get free shipping.

Photography by Ashley Aikele


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