20 Back to School Essentials


Can you believe it’s that time already? Henry’s in an extended year school so he actually started 2nd grade last month but we do have a nice two week break before starting up again. We definitely need to stock up on school supplies since yesterday it took us 20 minutes to find one pencil in the house. Here are some favorite back to school essentials, keep reading for the links after the jump…

1. PackIt freezable lunch bag  2. calculator 3. mathematical instruments 4. crayons 5. notebook 6. pencil bag 7. ruler 8. scissors 9. dry erase pockets 10. pencils 11. backpack 12. hand sanitizer 13. post-it notes 14. binder 15. glue 16. colored pencils 17. markers 18. water bottle 19. eraser 20. 5 subject notebook

pack it

These PackIt freezable lunch bags are so genius! The gel lined walls circulate the cool air, chilling your lunch for up to 10 hours. Nothing is worse than lukewarm water and a melty, cheese stick at lunch. We keep ours ready to go in the freezer for last minute trips to the beach to chill our fruit and drinks. Check out all the different styles and patterns right here.

Thanks to PackIt for sponsoring this back to school post. Say Yes readers can get 15% off a freezable lunch bag by entering this code: SAYYES15


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