Fathers Day Gift Ideas (from Dudes)


Father’s Day is this Sunday and I thought it might be fun to roundup some ideas of what real dads are asking for, instead of the usual, what I think and/or want him to ask for. I had this funny realization that if I read a post written by a man about what to get his wife for Mother’s Day it would make me roll my eyes (engraved bowling ball, Homer??). Shockingly, as it turns out the ideas of what real dudes want aren’t nearly as fashionable or cute,  but I think we need to all come to terms with thatHere are a few ideas rounded up from some dad friends around the country…

A dremel  and pegboard tool organizer (we just bought a house)
I would like to get two of the rafts on the link above and go float down the river with the family or a hike if the weather isn’t cooperating.
Jon B. Portland, OR

Anything, seriously anything from Kaufmann Merchantile
I’m obsessed with these duffle bags from Filson
A National Park blanket from Pendleton 
Seth S. San Anselmo, CA

Clubmasters sunglasses
I’d also love to head up the Northern California coast with my family (and dog) to camp, explore the redwoods, stop at small beach towns and get some delicious food.

Alden A. Concord, CA

Baby bike seat (although our daughter Esther can’t use it for another 9 months)
Wright Brothers book by David McCullough (just released)
This pair of rain boots
Spencer R (my brother!). New York, NY

 A rootbeer kit (my wife’s already bought it- she’s on the ball!)
Jared A. Oakland, CA 

I’d love an exotic car tour or a track day in your own car. Or just to sleep in an extra hour.

Shawn K. San Francisco, CA

Good looking and affordable shaving kit
Private kayaking lessons down some of the biggest and most scenic whitewater in the US

Christian R (my brother!). Pittsburg, PA

I want to spend my Father‘s Day driving my new Scooter, wearing my new tie, to my new Airstream (I sound like the Price is Right) all with my awesome family.

Patrick L. Salt Lake City, Utah

(Image of Jared, Edie and Henry I took when she was a newborn)


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