DIY Potato Stamped Fruit and Veggie Tea Towel

potato stamping crafts

I love the idea of using interesting items around your home in craft projects. I thought that fingerling potatoes were the perfect stamps for fruit and veggies shapes! You don’t need to do more than cut them in half! Keep reading to see how we made this colorful summer tea towel…



Step 1: Cut potatoes in half in various angles or widths, and sit with the shapes for a minute to see what fruit or vegetable comes to mind

potato stamping ideas

Step 2: We used fabric paint applied with a foam brush and and gently pressed it onto a natural tea towel

potato stamping

Step 3: At the end we added small details with a paint brush like strawberry dimples or green stems on the eggplants. Set paint with an iron after dry.

fruit stamped tea towel

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers


hi there, this is a beautiful tea towel. I’m wondering what type of fabric paint you used ?
thank you!

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