DIY Fourth of July Straw Necklaces

fourth of july necklaces

This is a simple project you can work on with your kids next week for Fourth of July (loooove busy kid projects during the summer!). All you need are paper straws, some scissors and string to put these patriotic necklaces together. Try making different lengths, patterns and wearing a few at a time. Guys. Maybe we can start a straw necklace trend! Let’s do it!

fourth of july necklaces

Keep reading to see how we made them…



1. Cut a piece of string that fits around your or your child’s neck with extra to spare.

2. Wrap a piece of tape around one end so you can string it easily (a must-do step for all types string necklace crafts)fourth of july necklaces

3. Start cutting out paper straws! I cut them in varying lengths to make the necklace more interesting but if you’re with the kiddos, let them go crazy however small or large they want to cut them.

PS I found this paper straws at this etsy shop.  They have so many different colors and patterns, I bought a whole bunch!

4. After you’re finished, just tied the ends together. That’s it!

fourth of july necklaces fourth of july necklaces

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Photography by Liz Stanley


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