DIY No Sew Baby Bow from Bias Tape (in 2 Minutes)

DIY baby bows

I always swore I’d never put a bow in Edie but I might be starting to warm up to the idea, especially if it’s really small, simple, high quality fabric. Surprisingly, I’ve had a hard time finding those. So I decided to try and make my own! It was super simple, especially if you use bias tape. No sewing involved and under 2 minutes to make.




DIY baby bow clips from bias tape

Keep reading to see how to make them…

how to make baby hair bows with bias tape

Supplies: 1/2 inch bias tape (I bought mine from this etsy shop, SoBiased), small pins or clear elastic bands, scissors, rule, glue gun


how to make baby hair bows with bias tape how to make baby hair bows with bias tape

Step 1: Cut 10 inches of the bias tape and fold in half

Step 2: Pinch about half way down the right side and bring up to a loop

Step 3: Wrap the left half around and push through like you’re tying a shoe

Step 4: Pull and tighten

Step 5: Snip edges

Step 6: Use the glue gun to add a dab inside the bias tape and the use a pencil to let it squeeze out a bit on the edge to prevent fraying

how to make baby hair bows with bias tape

Secure a small bobby pin by slidingĀ one end into the bow knot

OR if your baby has really fine hair…



how to make baby hair bows with bias tape

Add a small elastic band before you start making your bow, right in the center so it becomes part of the know. This is what I ended up doing for Edie because her hair is so fine.


Photography and styling by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers.


Thanks so much for using my tape on this adorable project! Such a great use of my leftovers!! I might cut up some short strips to sell in packs in the shop for this use and will link to your tutorial. Thank you!

Hi, liv. Do you still have your shop on etsy? The link provided will not work. Thanks.

Super cute! My daughter is close to the same age, but she won’t keep bows in her hair. No matter what I try, she gets them out!

So adorable! Does she just let you put stuff in her hair? My girls are the same age and I have to wrestle them to the ground to get a bow in and then they just yank it out. And forget hats- they cry as though the hat is lined with thorns.

Edie been really good with bonnets, we were really consistent with putting them on when we went outside so she now knows to grab one when it’s time to go. In terms of clips and bows, we’ve just started and sometimes she won’t notice and other times she will and tries to pull it off

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