Valentine’s Day Giant Family Heart Activity


This Valentine’s Day I thought it might be a nice idea to focus on family relationships by looking for ways to show love and service toward each other rather than gifts and expensive dinners (although I will still be making something chocolate or heart shaped!). My family growing up had a little service tradition during Christmas and I thought it might be fun to bring that same focus into our love holiday, Valentine’s Day.


I partnered up with Post-it Brand and their gorgeous Post-it Brand World of Color collections to create this giant Valentine’s Day heart and show you how the family activity works. The new line of Post-it® Notes includes a range of beautiful and bright colors inspired by nine cities from around the world including Bali, Capetown, Bora Bora and more. Today I’ll share the idea and then next week I’ll give you an update on how it’s all playing out, what I thought worked well and any changes I’d make in the future. I love creating family traditions like this and really hope this one sticks.

Keep reading for the specifics…


Create a giant heart on the wall using a random distribution of colored Post-it Notes from the Post-it Brand World of Color collections with one color designated for each family member. I mostly used colors from the bold Cape Town collection which are amazing pinks, purples, and neon hues. I started at the bottom and worked up and around the heart so the Post-it® Notes were layered on but mostly attached to the wall and not each other (which is helpful since they’ll be coming on and off).

post-it notes craft


Each family member has a color assigned to them. After doing something kind, or an act of service to someone else in the family (like putting away their coat left on the floor or plugging someone’s laptop in), you can take a Post-it® Note off the heart from that family member’s color and write down what you did for them on it, signing your name at the bottom. Then place it somewhere that family member can plainly see. When the family member finds it, they return it to the heart on the wall. When all of the hearts are filled in with acts of kindness, the family gets some kind of awesome reward. I’m still thinking of ours but I think it might be a day trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk together. We started ours last week, and I’ll check back next week to report on how it’s going, so stay tuned!

Photography by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers.

 Thanks to Post-it Brand for sponsoring this post.


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I love this! Such a great departure from traditional Vday activities, I agree. Those colors look gorgeous tooo

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