Tuesday Tip: Podcasts for Kids


Over the holidays when we were doing a lot of traveling and I was in serious Serial withdrawal, we started listening to a lot of podcasts with Henry on our drives. We started with Stuff You Should Know. It covered a wide range of topics (many science) that were interesting, gave great historical context, and explained in a clear way. From how ice cream is made, to all about rainbows, avalanches, and cinnamon. It’s great, I highly recommend it. I found though after a while that we were having to pause and explain a lot to Henry. This podcast was clearly written for adults and that’s when I started searching for podcasts that were created just for kids.

I did a iTunes search and we found Brains On! , a science podcast that explores similar topics to the Stuff You Should Know podcast, but for a grade school aged audience. We’ve learned about digestion, roller coasters, fossils, monarch butterflies (fascinating), and planets. Now every time we get in the car Henry requests it.  It’s really entertaining for the whole family, although sometimes it’s a little silly and Jared and I roll our eyes but Henry loves it. I learn a ton too (like that interesting fact about children vs adult taste buds?).

We’ve loved Brains On! so much that I haven’t explored other options but we’re running out of episodes quickly. Do you have any other podcasts for kids that you love and would recommend?



99% Invisible is really fun. It shows us the backstrory to the world around us.

My 8 yr old and I are listening to Stories Podcast, which have a fun mix of original stories and fairy tales. Very worthwhile listening!

My 11 year old daughter and I listen to Radio Cherry Bombe together – fun podcast (companion to the magazine) interviewing women in the food industry.

These are great ideas! Thank you! My husband and I listen to podcasts daily (I am also having serious Serial withdrawals), but I stupidly never thought about there being podcasts for kids to listen to. Thanks!

This is GREAT! Usually my stepdaughter puts on her headphones and plays a game or watches a movie. I love the idea of something we can all listen to and talk about!

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