Tuesday Tip: Enamel for Kid Dinnerware


I love the ease of plastic for kid dinnerware, but not a huge fan of how they look. The other day I was at West Elm and discovered their enamel cups and bowls were really lightweight, seemed pretty indestructible, and were on sale for $2-$5.  I’d bought vintage ones before for 3x that price! Now our kid shelf has a pile of them and I can throw those plastic ones out to goodwill. Hooray! Update: I don’t see the mugs anymore online but the bowls are still there, check the stores for the mugs!

(image above from Etsy)


Just make sure they don’t get broken or cracked, if I ‘m not mistaken they are poisonous on the inside…

how sweet! i did the same thing at the crate and barrel outlet. got some small dessert plates, some small ceramic and glass bowls, and even some open stock dessert spoons and forks (maybe they are for shellfish?). but they are so much nicer than the plastic and i don’t feel weird about putting warm food in them!

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