A Winter Care Package for A New (Snowed In) Mom

winter gifts for a new mom

I know lots of expecting mothers right now so gifts for a new mom are on my mind. And not baby gifts for a new mom (they get piles of those), but actual gifts for the new mom herself. Crazy, I know. This time of year while much of the country is in chilly temperatures, I partnered with Skinfix at Target to put together some ideas on making a winter care package for a new mom who might be snowed in with that sweet newborn. Henry was born at the beginning of winter in snowy Salt Lake City, so I really began to appreciate the slow, cozy winter months much more with a sweet smelling newborn to cuddle with.

Here are 9 favorite things to give to a new (snowed in) mom…

Trusted for generations, Skinfix’s award-winning products ensure head to toe happy and moisturized skin. Available exclusively at Target.


1. Skinfix daily lotion. I’ve been loving this new lotion I got. I’ve been reading up on it, and apparently it’s been in Canada for 150 years and it’s some big Canadian secret that’s finally being sold here in the US (and only at Target). I’ve been using it for our Tahoe and Utah cold weather weekend trips this winter when my whole body is shriveling up like a raisin within minutes of being exposed to the cold temperature.


I’ve been using Skinfix for a couple weeks now and love it.  It’s rich for really dry skin and eczema, but without that greasy build up feeling. Perfect for dry winter skin and hands (especially if you deal with eczema). Plus, it’s made with natural ingredients and free of parabens and fragrance so it’s safe for all that skin to skin baby love and nursing. There are even some products made especially for baby that I’m excited to try out as well.

And here are 8 other favorite items for a new mom winter care package:


2. Flannel sheets. A new mom will spend so much time in bed nursing and resting and enjoying much needed bonding time with her baby that a new pair of flannel sheets is a great little winter luxury to give.

3. Cozy scarf/nursing Cover. A super soft, oversized cotton (not wool- too itchy!) scarf is the perfect winter accessory that’s also convenient for nursing in public and snuggling on the couch. Found this super soft one at a boutique in Salt Lake City, but here’s a similar one at Target.

4. A moleskine notebook with a list of your favorite streaming movies and tv shows. Something thoughtful, personal, and useful. There’s so much time spent feeding and resting with baby, it’s nice to have a list of some good things to watch. I used to prop up my iPad against a pillow in bed and watch hours of Grey’s Anatomy when Edie was a newborn (we both have an affinity for Dr. McDreamy now).

5. A homemade treat. Baking isn’t a top priority when you’ve got a new baby at home but getting baked goods was always the highlight of my day when I was a new mom!

6. A couple creative books for inspiration. Sometimes the newborn days can be monotonous, all-consuming, and task oriented. It’s nice to get your head into a different space especially when you’re out of your work routine and use that other side of your brain for a few moments here and there. Two of my favorite craft books right now are: Make and Give and Candy Aisle Crafts. Both incredibly inspiring, sweet, simple, and fun.  Just enough creativity to brighten your snowed in day and get keeping your mind fresh and active.

7. Fresh flowers. Who doesn’t appreciate a pretty bouquet in the dead of winter? These anemones are my favorite bloom right now.

8.  Late night nursing snack. Just for mom. No sharing required. I always found myself searching for a little something after those late night feedings. What better way to pamper her than with an extra fancy Mast Brothers chocolate bar (in the most gorgeous packaging).

9. A set of fancy teas. Something warm and soothing is perfect for those long winter months with baby.


Also, something fun! I had the opportunity to interview Amy Gordinier-Regan, CEO & President of Skinfix Inc recently. Here’s what I learned about the company and about daily skincare:

1. What’s the single best thing I could and should be doing for my skin?

Moisturizing all over the body to keep the skin barrier healthy and intact is important.  A compromised skin barrier can open up a whole host of skin problems like dry cracked skin, eczema, infections and exposure to possible toxins and irritants. Many people focus on taking care of their face, but tend to neglect the rest of the skin on their bodies. Using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of its natural lipids, applying a daily, natural emollient moisturizer and addressing and treating skin irritation right away is critical to maintaining healthy skin.

2. Why are natural ingredients so important when caring for your skin?

The right mix of natural ingredients are much more akin to skin’s own chemistry and can be more effective at healing the skin barrier. Many synthetic ingredients can be skin irritants for sensitive skin. All of our products are fragrance-free, and that is because fragrance is the primary skin irritant. We believe in formulating each product with high levels of ingredients that help to heal skin, and eliminate any potential irritants.

3. What differentiates Skinfix from other products on the market?

Ultimately, Skinfix is unique because of our powerful, simple proposition – our products are natural and clinically proven to heal skin. Until now, people have been choosing between natural or effective, and we’ve created formulas that are made of natural ingredients and have the clinical data to prove their efficacy.

4. What can I expect to notice the first time I use the Skinfix Daily Lotion?

Our Daily Lotion is one of our best sellers because it glides on beautifully and immediately softens and soothes dry, parched skin.  We blend in a very high level of natural, super-charged moisturizers like jojoba, sunflower and grape seed oils to soften and soothe skin on contact.

5. If I don’t experience any skin irritations is Skinfix still a good option for me? Why?

Yes, everyone can benefit from a healthy, quality skincare regimen. Using gentle, natural products packed with natural emollients is an essential part of overall skin health. Even if you don’t need the Body Repair Balm for spot treatments, the Daily Lotion and the Hand Repair Cream are wonderful options for people looking to keep skinhealthy and feeling good all year round.

6. It seems like you have a very loyal following. What is it about your products that keeps customers coming back?

Anyone that has had skin irritations, or sensitive skin knows that it can be really difficult to find something that is safe to use and really works. The fact that Skinfix products quite simply work, and are accessible at their local Target store, creates a really passionate fan base.

However, we have also heard that once people learn more about our company – they are really intrigued by the brand history and focus. We’re a company based on a healing balm formula that has over 100 years of efficacy, and was passed down over generations. Today, we’re an all-female run company based in a small seaside town in Canada, making huge waves in the U.S. We have a team of women dedicated to finding the best solutions to the most vexing skin ailments in a natural, quality way. It’s a pretty exciting place to be, and we love that we have such a loyal group of people supporting us.

Thanks Amy! What winter skincare regimen do you keep? Any favorite items you’d add to my list for new moms?

Photography by Liz Stanley. Modeling by Sarah Iveson


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