10 Cool Things to do with your Instagram Images

what to do with instagram photos

If you’re anything like me, instagram has become the first thing I check when I wake up and the last thing I check before going to bed. There are so many cute moments captured, it’s become a fun way to document our lives here in San Francisco and follow along on yours too! I hate the idea of those photos just staying put on my phone though, so today I’m working with Framebridge that specialize in custom framing to share 10 awesome things to do with those instagram photos (and a great discount for Say Yes readers to Framebridge). Keep reading to see all 10 ideas…

Photography by Tara Rudolph. Styled by Liz Stanley. Assisted by Sara Albers.

what to do with instagram photos

1. Frame your adorable grams with custom frames with Framebridge. This company is so brilliant. Custom framing can be super expensive but they make it so easy. There are a bunch of pretty frame styles to choose from and they can access your photos directly without having to upload them to the site. You just give them your username. I had them ordered in a matter of minutes. The framed instagrams are $39 which I think is a pretty good deal for a custom, gorgeous framed photo! When the packages arrive they come with everything you need to frame including hardware already installed on the back and a nice sturdy nail (which I appreciated about because I’m always managing to run out of sturdy nails).

what to do with instagram photos

I framed a few photos with Framebridge from this past year’s instagrams and hung them right above Henry and Edie’s book and toy shelf. Planning on swapping out the photos next year so we always have recent photos in there.

what to do with instagram photos

They also frame any print or image you want, any size. You can send them something in the mail or email them an image. I framed this gorgeous print from Angela Hardison I had purchased a few months ago in this lovely gold frame to hang above our kitchen table.

Here’s something great: Get 20% off with 2 or more items framed with the code: SAYYES (discount available until 2/18). 

Here are 9 other cool things to do with your instagram photos:

2. Make an instagram wall calendar. A great idea especially if you take a lot of black and whites. A useful way to see so many images at once (cause we all take way too many of our friends and kids to choose!)

instagram idea

(from Earl Grey Blog)

3. Make a memories album. This is a project (below) I did this summer and loved it. We even sent some albums to other friends from our Fire Island trip. A great project with kids, and a fun way for them to make a little keepsake from their summer adventures.

instagram ideas

4. Instagram coasters. Grab some modge podge and a white tile for these Polaroid looking coasters made with your instagrams. Love how these turned out. I think these would make great gifts too!

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.10.33 AM

(from Cute Decor)

5. Wooden Polaroid Frames. Aren’t these adorable? I love the wooden frames! Another polaroid looking project and another great gift maybe for Mother’s Day coming up in a couple months.


(from Sugar and Cloth)

6. Printable calendar. Such a lovely idea! I always forget to get a calendar at the beginning of the year and what better photos to use but your own instgrams!


(Image and printable from Alice and Lois)

7.  Print your merged instagram images to make abstract art. Merge all of your instagrams together here and then print them out like we did here above Edie’s crib for an inexpensive rainbow installation.

instgram diy ideas

8. Make wallpaper with your instagrams.  Such a fun and dramatic project for a family or kids room for those of you that take lots of instagrams (that’s me for sure!)


(from A Beautiful Mess)

9. Instagram sachets and bean bags. I love the idea of printing your photos on cloth and then making them into little sachets for lavender or bean bags for games.


(from Lil Blue Boo)

10. Geometric Photo Display. I think this modern way of displaying your printed instagrams is so genius and so easy to put together.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.30.01 PM

(from The Caldwell Project)

What clever things have you done with your instagram images?

This post is sponsored by Framebridge. Get 20% off with 2 or more items framed with the code: SAYYES (discount available until 2/18). 


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