What are your goals for 2015?


Do you make goals every New Year? Our New Years often seems too busy so we start a few days later. Earlier this week Jared and I sat down with Henry and filled out a few questions  to start a conversation about what things we want to accomplish this year (I liked the ones Gabby shared here). We talked about what a goal was, and not making all goals too much of a stretch. Henry suggested I make a goal of finishing a book that I was a couple chapters away from finishing and putting away the Christmas decorations. BINGO. I like those kind of goals!

Besides my yearly goals of eating healthier and reading more books for pleasure, one thing I really wanted to focus on for 2015 is…

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…simplifying. Streamlining. With Jared and I both working full time, house work and family time can get a little chaotic, rushed and balls get dropped all the time. Don’t even ask me how many months ‘look into dental insurance’ has been on my to-do list! I really want to slow things down and feel more organized while being able to spend quality time together.

When Target reached out to me about their brand new subscription services, this seemed totally up my alley for my 2015 goal of simplifying. With the Target Subscriptions, you can get everyday essentials delivered to your door on a regular schedule, so you never run out of diapers or trash bags or shampoo or dishwashing soap again. You can change your delivery schedule any time too. So smart!


We folded up our goals and placed them in a new holiday journal I’m storing with the holiday stuff, as part of my goal to streamline. It’s a place to make a note of favorite recipes, experiences and activities we’ve done each Christmas so we can remember what worked and didn’t work each year. I also dictated some notes and thoughts other members of the family had. Some things I wrote this year were “Wrapping all the presents the night before took less time than we thought and was actually really fun”,  “Make sure to get Kendra’s delicious ham glaze recipe for next year”,  and “Henry was bummed he didn’t go to the Nutcracker with me- maybe get tickets to go together next year?”

Do you keep notes or a journal of your holidays? What goals do you have for 2015? Is streamlining something that’s important for you too? Another goal on my list was not using our phones in bed (which is so much more of a challenge than I thought it would be!).


I didnt know that Target offers subscription services. Does that make the items cheaper? I have been using amazon because that usually adds another 15% with the subscription but I cant always find all the products I want.

My main goal for this year is to keep goals simple. Do small things instead of making this big grand gestures of goals and never coming close to finishing… its definitely a work in progress though.

Thanks for sharing!

My goal is to live with more integrity. Do what I know is right in all aspects of my life, for my family, faith, health, relationships, as a citizen, etc. Base my life and decisions and actions off of truth and seek after truth, fill my life with truth. It isn’t very specific, but more of an overall attitude/perspective change. I imagine it will bring more peace and contentment into my life…or so I hope 🙂 And I love the journal/notebook idea. As an events management person we were trained to always make notes afterwards of things that worked or didn’t and such, to make the next event run smoother and more successfully….we do it with our camping trips as a family…but I really need to incorporate it into everyday life and happenings 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

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