Printable Hand Drawn Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper


Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to get a little personal so today I’m sharing this personalized hand drawn wrapping paper project to wrap up something sweet for your sweetheart on the 14th. I made it with the SPROUT, which is a brand new computer and really cool design tool by HP.


Read more about it and the links to download the wrapping paper yourself…


The SPROUT features a dual touch screen and 3D imaging that makes it super innovative in its class. I used the 3D imaging for the thank you card project I share a couple weeks ago and today I’m sharing how I experimented more in depth with the pen tool to make some hand drawn hearts for a wrapping paper design. It was so simple. Both screen are touch so you can erase and drawn with either the pen or your finger, which is fun and feels really natural. I liked doing both. Editing was so simple and easy to learn as well. When I was finished I simply saved my design and printed it out in 11 x 17 and 22 x 34 sizes at my local print store.


You can download the designs here if you’d like: the black and white one here, and the red one here.

In case you missed it, Henry and I made homemade thank you cards with the SPROUT a couple weeks ago too!

Thank you SPROUT by HP for sponsoring this post.

Photography by Liz Stanley.