DIY No Sew Conversation Heart Stamped Napkins


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which seems crazy right? Today I’m partnering with Glade to share this no sew conversation heart napkin DIY to set the tone for a romantic Valentines Day dinner or afternoon heart-shaped treats for the kids. Either way, these napkins are super easy to make and fun to create your own cute phrases for the conversation hearts. You could even make them larger and make personalized placemats as well.


What is it about candles and sweet scents that are so romantic and relaxing? I realized this past holiday that we didn’t have one sweet smelling candle around the house so I’ve tried to make an effort of adding more touches of them here and there. I was happy when Glade sent us this lovely blooming peony and cherry candle to style our Valentines Day table. It sets such a nice tone and smells amazing.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started on the DIY stamped napkins…


Supplies: fabric cut into squares, craft foam, cardboard pieces cut into squares, alphabet stickers, red and pink fabric paint, foam brushes, scissors, x-acto knife, red duct tape


Step 1: Cut a heart for each color you want to make out of craft foam


Step 2: Cut the red duct tape in half and wrap around edges of napkins squares


Step 3: Place your fun + flirty conversation heart phrases on each of the napkins


Step 4: Stick the craft foam onto the cardboard (one side should peel off like a sticker) and then dab with a generous amount of paint


Step 5: Press firmly in the middle of the napkin


Step 6: Let dry and then peel off stickers to reveal your conversation heart messages


Photography by Liz Stanley. Crafting and assisting by Sara Albers



Just starting to get around to printing a photo just like your oversized photo, and our fedex/kinkos is SUPER expensive for a poster that would be that 81$ can you think of any other type of place that would do one similar? checked staples and they don’t do a simple paper poster like the one you posted! i’m in OC, Ca, not sure where you live..

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