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A few months ago we moved Edie out of the right side of the workroom, which was closer to our bedroom, and into Henry’s room. You can see their new shared bedroom here. Now I have the workroom all to myself again which feels so good! It’s in the back sunroom of our flat and gets the most amazing light throughout the day, perfect for all the table top photography I do for this site. Today I’m teaming up with HP & Intel to give you a little tour of the new space that I work in with two Saras: my assistant Sara, and our seasonal intern Sarah (sometimes I call them The Saras for short).



Keep reading for tons more photos and details about this happy little creative space…

Thanks to HP & Intel for sponsoring this post and helping us work from our happy place


There are three main sections of the room I wanted to share with you. The prop shelf,  the work table + craft shelves, and my desk. The prop shelf is my favorite and the newest addition to the room. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made to have all of my tabletop props displayed. They used to be in a bin on my craft shelves but I don’t think I could ever go back to that. It’s so much more inspiring to see them displayed all pretty on a lovely open shelf and so much easier to find what I’m looking for.

(Bookshelf from Serena and Lily)


We store all kinds of boards, backdrops, surfaces, and foam boards next to the prop shelf. I have an obsession with surfaces so this collection is constantly growing. I use them not only for backdrops but to balance and bounce light.


On the south side of the room is where our large work table is. This is where most of the crafting and planning happens. Usually I’ll be working on my desk and The Saras will be crafting and prepping for a shoot on this large table. There’s a lot of back and forth that goes on.

Often we need to look up products to purchase for a shoot, inspiration photos, check the site, check email, review contracts, make lists and reminders, etc so HP Stream is the perfect little tool to have in our workspace. There’s so much going on that often I don’t usually have room to bring my laptop back there at all and a small tablet is exactly the kind of device that’s perfect to have. HP Stream is a new kind of tablet with Intel Inside®. It has some great features like free 1tb of cloud storage and Office 365 included for one year (Word, Excel, etc), super fast performance with Intel Inside®, and free 4G date right out of the box.

This last part means we can grab a team lunch at a local cafe and access the internet when they don’t have Wifi which is quite often. What is it about the trendiest cafes that don’t offer Wifi anymore?? Drives me nuts! Although with this HP Stream we don’t have to worry about Wifi, which is super helpful.


(Desk from Euro Style Lighting and lamp from Serena and Lily)


On either side of the large work table are two huge bookshelves that hold all my crafting, sewing, fabric and other small project supplies like a bazillion rolls of yarn, felt in every color, an endless supply of glue gun sticks, stamps, and all my old copies of the best discontinued print mags like Martha Stewart Baby, Blueprint, and Domino.


I find myself most creative in the moment when I’m working on a project, stuck on an execution or styling issue. It’s so much fun to brainstorm and problem solve with these lovely ladies (who I also consider two of my dearest friends). I can’t think of a better way to spend a work day!


My desk is on the opposite side of the room. I usually try keep it clean and neat, but in the craziness of a project sometimes it becomes a storage area for miscellaneous props and paper scraps. After all the holiday projects it’s been nice to get it back to it’s clean self again.

(Chair and desk from Wayfair)


Also, if you’re interested… some fun behind the scenes shots I’ve been collecting these last few months…


1. Sara has some serious pizza dough throwing skills! (prep for the Hot Pockets post)


2. Sarah thought I was taking a pictures of the jump rope, but really I was just smelling her amazing hair


3. The best part of the work day is when Edie pays us a visit with our nanny


4. Sometimes the job requires getting Edie to laugh (which Sara is really good at)


5. Once again, I tricked Sarah into taking a picture of her pretty hair


5.  Sara’s hair again… (I mean…organizing a little artwork in the kids room!)


Crafting is so much fun with these ladies. Where is your happy place to work from?


Your room is beautiful! Where are the shelves in the first photo from? Such a pretty mix of white and wood!

I love all the light you get in the work room. It seems like you have a lot of fun based off all these photos, but it also shows through out all your blog posts.
Must be an awesome perk to have Edie so close by, unless there are days where you are stuck and all you want to do is hangout out with all those baby wrinkles 🙂

It is! I feel lucky to be able to work from home and have her close. I think she especially like visiting the ladies in the back room 🙂

Any place I can. Mostly on the kitchen table or wood working on the back pourch.

I love this post—so fun to see how other bloggers organize all their ‘stuff’ for shooting. We recently moved and still haven’t really figured out our blog space in our new home, so this gave me some good ideas:)

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