24 Days of Merry: Public Bicycle Giveaway


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Amazing giveaway for you guys today! I’m happy to be part of this year’s 24 Merry Days giveaway extravaganza where every day leading up to Christmas there will be a huge giveaway hosted by a different blogger every day.  You can see the schedule right here. The prices this year are incredible (just you wait!) and I’m excited to be hosting this awesome one today with Public Bikes.

Nothing is better than a new bike with a big red bow under the tree this year. Oh wait, there is something better: TWO bikes and a bike rack! One lucky reader will win a Kids Balance bike (brand new product for the holidays), a classic C1 adult bike, AND a cute rear rack. I’m so jealous of whoever wins this amazing package!

Enter below, and be sure to enter the giveaway yesterday, $400 to West Elm at The Sweetest Occasion,. Check out the 24 Merry Days site to see what’s coming up so you don’t miss anything!

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This giveaway is open to readers in U.S. only, sorry! Don’t worry though, there are lots of other giveaways open to all international readers if you aren’t in the US! The winner will be announced here in one week when this giveaway closes. 


I adore Public bikes! I bought one two years ago as a practical birthday present to help me get around campus and to the grocery store as I didn’t have a car. But just as the weather was beginning to warm up someone else also fancied it and it was stolen. Public was great about the whole thing, when I emailed asking for my bikes serial number to complete a police report they were so understanding and even offered me a coupon towards a new bike. I didn’t take them up on it because my funds were low but it would be nice to get on wheels again.

iam unemployed Christmas isn’t being celebrated cause of life negative happens love win my birthdays nextweek

I love Public bikes, they are the cutest! I have always wanted one of their Dutch style bikes. My preschooler is the perfect age for a balance bike. ^_^

Oh WOW, what beautiful bikes…would love to win them and ride around the city…

I know a family that this would make very happy this holiday season! Would love to make them smile…

That’s an awesome prize, would love a bike to do errands with.

Omg this giveaway is perfect because my boyfriend of a very long time has been longing for this and it would make the perfect anniversary or christmas gift!

Great giveaway! One for me and one for the toddler…

I would love to get myself a new bike and help my son with balance, too. What an excellent present!

It will be the best gift ever that I could get. I just moved to new states no friends or family here. Hope I can win this beautiful public bike so I can go stretch out to the world better!

Have a son in desperate need of a bike and this would be great to have under the tree. Thanks

I have had my eye on a Public bike for a while, but haven’t quite been able to pull the trigger. Would love to win!

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