Tuesday Tip: Abstract Art from Instagram Images


I wanted to share with you this really cool project that Jared’s company has been working on. It’s called Metagramme and it merges instagram images into one abstract image result. You can create them using either usernames or specific hashtags like #sunset or #sadness. It takes the most recent images (either 36 or 64) that are tagged with a hashtag you choose and combines them into one image by averaging the colors. Cool, right?

So that pretty purple one on the bottom right above? It took the last 64 images that were tagged with #jellyfish on instagram and merged them. Then you can share or even download. You can see lots of other examples people have made and try it out for yourself right here.



The ones above are from the following instagram hashtags (in rainbow order): #neonpink/#pomegranates/#clementines/#yellowroses/#horseapple/#greengrass/#caribbeansea/#bluesky/#jellyfish.

I’ve been playing around with it a lot and printed out a few images to hang above Edie’s crib since she managed to reach up and rip down the blown up photo of her and Henry we put up. We hung these pretty rainbow images way out of her reach this time.


I love this! I think I will be making lots of new art today. Thanks for sharing.

This rainbow arrangement is beautiful and I bet an amazing thing to wake up to every morning for Edie. I wish I had an eye for decorating like this but I am happy I have the blog world to help with these ideas 🙂

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