The Kids New Shared Bedroom

I’ve shown snippets of the kids shared bedroom but thought I’d give a final reveal. Transitioning Henry’s room into a shared room for him and Edie meant we could stay in this home a little longer. It also meant I could have my full workroom back (it used to be split between half nursery and half workroom) which is great because it gets the most amazing light for photos. My inspiration was a very gender neutral color palette of red and navy blue. There are small pops of pink on Edie’s side as well. You can see Henry’s old room here,  photos of Edie’s crib here (my trick for huge $12 blown up photos), and our process for designing the room right here.


Keep reading to see details from their new shared bedroom and sources…

Photography by Liz Stanley and Sara Albers. Assisted by Sara Iveson



We kept the mid-century dresser and transformed it into her changing table with a shelf for diapers, lotions, shoes, hats, etc mounted on the wall. The left three drawers are her clothes and the right three are Henry’s which has worked out great.2kidsroom24


SourcesPink cloudy blanket and thin swaddle blanket from Happy French Gang (they are my favorite baby blankets). Dresser and shelf from Land of Nod. Mobile from Baby Jives. Abstract pink painting by Deborah Barlow, my aunt! She gave us this gorgeous piece when Edie was born. Edie’s linen romper is from this etsy shop.



For Henry’s side of the room we stuck to a more red and blue color palate (Edie’s side was the same but a few pops of pink as well). The huge Richard Print Cowboy print on canvas my brother in law sells here (we also have this huge NASA one in our entry way).  I thought the cowboy one would be so perfect for above Henry’s bed.


The ‘dagris!!!’ (dangerous) sign he put on the door to discourage guests from messing up his lego builds. Love that kid.


Sources: Bed from Oeuf. Fox sheets, striped quilt, blue pillow from Serena and Lily. White dipped stool and flynn table lamp from Serena and Lily as well.


As I mentioned before, this rocker I looked long and hard for. It’s a vintage mid century and I ended up finding it on craigslist an hour up north (more about the rocker on this post). You can find Edie with Jared or I rocking in this thing every night.


One of my favorite things in their room is this Otomi pillow above. I’m in love with the colors, textures and patterns. Isn’t is amazing? Perfect pop of color for their room.


Edie’s crib is pushed up against the second door to the workroom which is now completely blocked. It was the only way to fit her crib and also his bed in the room. There’s really no reason for the kids to have access to the work room from their room so it worked out great.

Other sources: Macrame Rug from Serena and Lily (we LOVE it). Crib from Dwell Studio. More details on the blown up print here.


Love the room!

Can you share where you found the personalized silver hanger? I would love to get one for my kids!


Love the room!!

Just curious could you tell me where the silver hanger with edie’s name came from? I would love to get one for my son.

Thank you!!

love the print of your children above the crib! my son and daughter share a room as well – and I just updated the artwork in their space to incorporate both of their personalities – isn’t it fun?!

What a beautiful and calm-feeling room. I love the mix of masculine and neutral with pops of baby pink for the baby girlie. Perfect.

This is such a great shared space. Can you share what Edie’s brown boots on the shelf are, they are too cute. Thanks!

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