Make A Special Handmade Cloth Birthday Hat

handmade first birthday hat

With Edie turning ONE next weekend (I know, crazy right??) I thought that it would be fun to make her a very special birthday hat. Yes, it’s impractical since they can only wear it once but hey, I don’t think first birthdays and practicality even belong in the same sentence in the first place.

handmade first birthday hat

I think it would be a pretty heirloom piece to wear and then display on a child’s shelf. So sweet, don’t you think? Henry used to have a fancy handmade party hat too!

handmade first birthday hat

handmade first birthday hat

Here’s how we made it…

Photography by Liz Stanley. Crating and assisted by Sara Albers


Supplies: Fabric (we used a blue linen), pretty trimmings, yarn or embroidery thread + needle, embroidery loom, ribbon, scissors, needle and thread, chalk, hot glue.


1. Cut a piece of linen an inch longer around than the size of a cheap paper party hat. Place in an embroidery loom and start to make long filler strokes with some yarn or embroidery thread in the shape of a 1.


2. Take the finished embroidered 1 out of the loom and place facedown with the paper party hat on top.


3. Hot glue the embroidered piece around the party hat tightly.


4. Using an easy gathering stitch (more details on that here), gather some pretty trimming (or two!) so it’s about the size of the party circumference. Hot glue it down along the edge of the hat.

handmade first birthday hat


5. Glue another layer of trimming on the inside.

6. Hot glue the edges together. We used a piece of felt on the inside as well to secure the two ends more tightly.


7. Glue pieces of ribbon to the inside.

handmade first birthday hat



handmade first birthday hat

Also, just a general rule: Never. EVER take a lollipop away from a baby. Even if it’s getting all over her dress and hands and your camera. Just a good rule of thumb.


Just adorable! I can’t believe she has actual tears in the last photo… she is so cute.

OK I love this! And that last picture? That is amazing in itself.

Seriously, who takes candy from a baby? 😉

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