Paper Doll Party Activity

dress up game

I wanted to share this little activity we did at Edie’s party last weekend that all the kids all got a kick out of! I printed out a black and white image of Edie in a diaper and left the outfit designing to them. It was a good thing I printed out 80 sheets cause they were almost all used up by the end of the party. Kids stayed at this table for long stretches and came up with the most creative ideas. We taped them up when when they finished- it was so fun to see their creations!

dress up game

In case you missed it, here’s the giant pin a party hat on Edie game as well from the party.

M photos after the jump…

Photography by Liz Stanley

dress up game

Here’s the funny thing though: I wasn’t intending her to be crying in the image. I just couldn’t get her to cooperate lying down so I just went with a crying Edie picture. I can only torture her so much on her first birthday, right?  Edie is constantly pulling them down from the wall. I think she likes to see herself all dressed up. She especially likes the Santa one. Ridiculously festive, just like her mama!

dress up game


Liz- this is such cute, fun idea! Entertaining for the kids and the parents… 🙂


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