Adventures with Baby: Stinson Beach

Excited to share another film in our series of baby adventures with Orbit. This time we took a trip to a little famers market, then drove the gorgeous coastline up to Stinson Beach where we had a picnic, shared an ice cream cone, and chased waves as the sun set. Just baby and me.  I love how this one turned out, it might be my favorite.




In case you missed them, last month we made a film of Edie’s  her first trip across the Golden Gate Bridge, and the month before we took a little day trip to the Redwood trees in Muir Woods. Find more Say Yes films right here.

Thanks to Jenner of Luminex films for shooting the film and Rebecca Ricks for the graphics.

Big thanks to Orbit for sponsoring this post. We are huge fans of their brilliant G3 infant car seats that swivel to get baby in and out so easily.  Find more of our baby adventures right here


Oh Liz, this is so lovely! What a special thing it is to be able to keep this day forever. Edie’s eager grab at the ice cream cone made me laugh.

This video is so sweet! With this series you have something you will cherish forever! I remember when my daughter (who i work with now), was little we bought our first video recorder..haha but we had spent too much and ended up returning it! Can’t even amagine how many amazing memories I could of got if we had cell phones back then 🙂 Beautiful work and thanks for shareing….

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